How Tontoo Dike Made A Long Details About Her Life Experiences And Biography

How Tontoo Dike Made A Long Details About Her Life Experiences And Biography

17th June 2019

A Nigerian most profitable and remarkable actress named tonto dike said she was born and brought up in portharcourt river state, into a large family. she’s not only an actress though equally a model, movie producer, and a benevolence creature. actress tonto dike said she was born on 9th June 1985, and she’s currently 34 in 2019, she added that they were 7 in their family, two who are from her stepmother, while five from her own biological mother. she stated that she is the third child of the family and she is tender age when her mother passed on.

how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

according to what tonto dike said, she said although that her mother died, she never felt being cheated nor pondering about her mother’s demise, because her stepmother was treating her equally with her own children. she declared her stepmother as the best mother who God just sent to take care of her as if she knew that her mother will die so sudden. Tonto dike said that she later proceed her education into her native community where she obtained her primary and secondary school certificates, first school living and ssce respectively. then she moves on to the University of science and technology, to study petrochemical chemical engineering, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree.

Tonto dike said she has this passionate passion for acting which made her to take part in new reality show, that occur one time ago,which is a talent show organised by Nigerian movie industry to know who they will enroll in Nollywood industry,though she didn’t win,but yet she made her self in due to the kind of love she has for play and movie, even the day of the show, most Nigerians love her personal position in the movie, she evenly received a special trophy from the producer and was liked by the producer, which she later got connected to movie industry



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

she said that after she was officially enrolled in Nollywood, that her first movie was “Holy Cross” which she featured peter edochie and gym ikechukwu

in 2011 tonto dike showed up “dirty secrete” which broadly bring her to the limelight, she features late, Muna obiekwe. her movie gone viral on the internet, which made most nigerians to like her explicit movie plays.

so far on tonto dike filmography, she has acted more than 30 movies in the nollywood industry, which featured almost Nigerian talented and most prominent actors and actresses in Nigeria, her countless service made her prominent in the eyes of beholders.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Tonto dike and her personal life have become an unbearable thing that has broken her early marriage to one Olusegun Obasanjo.

Tonto dike got married to Churchill  in Lagos state, Churchill is a nephew to  formal Nigerian president Mr. Olusegun obasanjo.. they both got married in Lagos state where they did their marriage and other activities that followed up, though unfortunately, things did not go well, on account of misunderstanding that rose between both of them, which made tonto dike divorce him and remained unmarried, however she gave birth to a baby boy named king Andre churchil

although according to the report that wreck their marriage, Tonto dike said that her husband Churchill was the cause of their marriage break up, she said that Churchill never truly love her, that he legally married her because of her wealth and popularity  she contrived to acquire. she openly said that Churchill does beat her up every day, and there was a day she was severely injured by churchil, which made her to spent thousand of a penny for her medication.she also added that Churchill was responsible for the STD that she had earlier.

Tonto dike said that Churchill cheats on her, and he is also abusive to humanity, she hated him so much for everything he said that Churchill denied tonto dike access from seeing her son king ardre, and it pains her so much for not seeing her own son which she loves so much.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

tonto  said that she had a message for the dead beat daddy, she broadly said that 16th June marks the day which fathers celebrate their day with a plague of joy and merriment, she said happy fathers day to all the dads in this planet earth’

Tonto dike said that while she was busy sending messages on Instagram and all the social media at large, that she saw a message coming from her ex-husband Churchill, and she discovered that the message was composed for her son king and her husband himself with lots of photos which he uploaded on social media.

the divorce between these two has taken the overall pages in tabloid and some blog website at large over several years. Tonto dike said she made outrageous claims against her husband which made him be mad at her’

tonto said she had this strange feeling that her ex-husband Churchill is an internet fraudster and equally a ritualist, she made a clear video where she reveals their matrimonial problem on how her marriage turns from good to bad, from excitement to sorrow, that she never expected this kind of marriage lifestyle, that had it been she knew that churches this nefarious, she ought not to marry him, she added the kind of suffering she passed before the birth of their son king church.

she said that even before she gave birth to the king, that she had suspected Churchill to be a YAHOO boy, not until she came back from London where she gave to his son.

on a very good day, when she came back from work she heard an odd noise coming from Churchill room, because he is living in penthouse while she is living under, so she went upstair to know what is happening in his husband’s room, because she knew that Churchill did not suppose to be at home in that time of the day. so when she opened her husband door, she saw a  man wearing a red garment all over his body, a laptop and different types of candles with flames of fires, though she was not frighted about what she saw,instead she started laughing just to end up everything,but yet Churchill gave her a beaten of her life.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

marking it 16th June 2019 tonto dike had recently celebrated her 24th birthday with her son king Andre and friends who appreciated to be present at the venue where all the activities took place,Tonto dike wore a sexy garment that showed off her sexy body, with her son whom she dressed in a transparent and addressable attire, which almost attracted the attention her guests. my 34th birthday is a wonderful and most profitable because I received a lot of gifts and well-ornamented cakes from my friends and well-wishers.

am so excited, and I wish all my birthday lifetime shall remain the same, and may redeemer grant my companions success.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Tonto dike had said earlier about her self-esteem on how she feels regarding how men are, and their personalities at large, she said that men are evil, and can never tell you the real fact behind them, until the day the egg spills, she openly said that she’s shameful, and regrets why she accepted Churchill olakunle at the first place.

had it been that future tells how it would be, I shouldn’t have done that kind of mistake. Tonto dike said that most of these Nollywood actresses had found it difficult to get married,which if they see any dude  that ask their hands in marriage, they will jump in without doing some finding to know actually the full background of the family they are entering until they see the ugly side of the matrimonial life, when she will be maltreated and embarrass and show it up in social media for public caricature.

she said, that she was lured by Churchill to marry him when he had given her a substantial fallacy about his cunning profile, not knowing that the man is a yahoo man who claimed to have own many companies and industries in Lagos Nigeria.

dike reportedly said that she paid for their wedding traditional marriage which took place in Lagos,even the hostel were lodged that she paid for it too, she loudly said that she is responsible for her son school fees and clothing, that since Churchill is caring for his own biological son, that she will change his son surname to her own maiden name.


how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

I have ultimately switched my name from tonto dike to king tonto, she said, that she has officially switched her name from tonto dike to king tonto which had announced in social media with her new name. she said that she is no more tonto dike olakunle Churchill but king tonto, that everyone should refer her like that, I cannot stay and bear a  shameful name of that lier Churchill.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Ama grace has finally disgraced me before the individual to purposely wreck my image and dignity, and even on social media at large. Ama grace said that I am not qualified to be called a celebrity that is a disgrace to the human race, that am immature, immoral and indiscipline, she bluntly said all those things because of one a man on facebook  called mike nliam who blasted a company makes tonto dike his ambassador, due to the kind of comment people were making on facebook respecting what happened that made ama grace to abashed me.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Tonto dike said that Idris okuneye, popularly known as brobrisky, have cried out for the kind of love that he has for her on public figures which have gone viral on Facebook. She said that bobrisky has been showing care and affection ever since he knew him, that he has been sending her pictures on snap chat, Facebook, Instagram and even videos of his attires and booty body. Tonto dike have said numerous things about what bobrisky hah said regarding her beauty..  he said baby you are my everything, without you am nothing, you are just like a twin sister to me and very bright like me.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Totoo has finally said that she had gotten a new lover in Nigeria which has driven a lot of joy and happiness toward her. Mike amokachi who is a prominent and popular international businessman who is also known as a bull. Mike amokachi had been in a romantic relationship with her, to the extent that they showed it off in a Chinese restaurant in Lagos state where they danced and rocked together in a romantic way, tontoo said that ever she had broken up with Churchill olakunle, that she had been at ease since then, until she met with mike amokachi who showed her affection on how it used to be in relationship, which made her develop this feeling toward him.



how tontoo dike made a long details about her life experiences and biography

Tontoo dike  said, imagine a whole nigerian comedian funny bone advising me about my ex husband churchil olakunle. Tontoo dike said she had declared publicly and on social media about her husband,that he can’t even last longer on bed, that he’s suffering from premature ejaculation,that ever she had married him,that she had not enjoyed long lasted love affair with him, which had made him lonely for a long time.

She openly said that Churchill olakunle is the son of the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo’s gardener. Which irritates funny bone that made him attack tontoo, while tontoo dike replied back by insulting him, giving him all sorts of name. tontoo said that her husband is an imbecile who kept on approving interview to wreck her personality.

Nigerian actress tontoo dike told funny bone, where is that your stinking mouth when her husband came and married her together with Azuka, approving interviews every four days.






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