Buhari,Recession And Change Begins With Me

Buhari,Recession And Change Begins With Me

A call on Nigerians to repent, plan well to abolish corruption.

Buhari ,recession and change begins with me

According to Philip Emeagwali, the Onitsha born computer wizard, and founder of internet service who based in America. The problem of Africa is consuming what they cannot produce, and producing what they cannot produce.in other words, Africans have a conspicuous problem of lack of proper planning on how to live well.

It is a popular saying that lack “if you fail to plan, you have to plan to fail ” since the exit of the colonial masters, African leaders fall short of good plans towards liberating the continent from the shackles of poverty, hunger, disease, and suffering. Nigerian even as the giant of the continent is a typical example of African failure.

As noted, the failure Nigerian is not unconnected with a lack of proper planning. since nigerian’s independence 1960, the leaders of the giant of Africa had consistently failed to look ahead, see ahead and plan ahead with a view to dodge devil’s lies and put the country in a strong and stronger position to face the challenges of a developing nation.

Since the decade of the 1970s Nigerians never surmounted any challenge disturbing the country. Take the following examples: first is education. As the population of children increases, the need to provide quality education overwhelming the country completely. Today Nigerian has the highest number of out of school children in sub-Saharan Africa.

On the other hand, some Nigerian parents prefer to export their children to foreign countries where they could access quality education.

Secondly is human health. From the decades of 1970 health challenges overwhelmed Nigerian completely following the outbreak of diseases like malaria ,sexually transmitted diseases,diabetes,hypertension,cancer ,stroke and many others in epidemic proportions .today there is no hope in sight for quality health care delivery in Nigeria in the next fifty years except a drastic action is taken as a matter  of urgency. Thirdly is the bad road encircled the nation. From the decade of the 1990s, the volume vehicular movement increased and thus, the road was overstretched into dilapidation and total collapse. Roads built in the 1980s are no longer memorable because there was no plan for maintenance. Nigerian is struggling with terribly bad roads at this age when road transport is no longer a popular means of transportation fourth is electrical. As the volume of electricity consumption increased, Nigeria was again overwhelmed because there were no plans for sustainable improvement of the existing facilities and development of new source.fifth is the economy because the oil which is the country’s main source revenue is surplus in the market, the country’s economy doomed into recession. these woes bedeviling the country subsequent upon corruption and lack of proper planning. The question now is what is the way forward the answer is for people to repent, dig deep in thinking and plan well in acting.we have to think and look beyond the box normal people should cease be docile and stereotype.

The truth at the moment is that the normal things we do day by day, our normal lifestyle and dealing have failed to take us where we belong. The box which includes the institution we confine ourselves and various levels of leadership that drives us has failed to take us where we belong. The box and normal have failed to galvanize us into a  cohesive force for national development and nation building.

Signs of our failure are as clear as crystal, and the world is watching with keen interest to see how far we can go in devising means to make things better for the nation and the people in it. We are the ones to do it. We should not expect the savior from the moon. Addressing the African Union(AU) in Ethiopia, Obama told us that Africans should end corruption, poverty, and suffering in Africa. because we are the champion of our own cause.


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