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You just want to know who these people are right

Don’t worry, we will tell you

Alldaygist brings you daily updates pertaining to things that occur within our environs at large, which is been categorized accordingly, for viewers understanding.


Our Mission is to generate a good general interest information anchored on an unbiased opinion, Truth and Justice, serving as a voice to the voiceless and reaching all the neglected parts of the country, covering the small and the big issues of the day; web-blog which focuses on news with a human face, news that affects the ordinary Nigerians.

Alldaygist news is one of the Nigerian most valuable media brands that create and carry out integrated marketing activities that drive conversions and good outcomes. As one of the most trusted brands in Nigeria, we work closely with you to understand your targeted goals and then leverage our local market expertise to create and execute unique media programs to drive your target audience to take absolute action. Whether you need research, marketing analytics, creative, multimedia strategy, and buying or campaign performance management,alldaygist is your trusted and reliable Nigerian expert.

We are to deliver the truth every day, we are here to tell stories about Nigerian and it’s people, people helping other people, hurting other people. Mighty people failing to serve the rest of us.Regular people trying to make it every day. The alldaygist brings prize-winning journalism works to protect your interests and help move your daily activities.

Everybody has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes liberation to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and to impart notification and clues via any media and regardless of frontiers

Alldaygist is an online community of international reporters and social advocated to bring you features, commentaries, news reports from a Nigerian perspective and African continent perspective at large. A special organization founded in the spirit of the global announcement of human rights, comprising of ordinary individuals with an overriding commitment to seeking the truth though publishing it without fright or assistance. Because its core members are an unapologetic practitioner of advocacy journalism, alldaygist equally serves as an umbrella outlet for objective reporting verifiable and correct news and untainted social pleasantries for everybody wishing to carry out their freedom of speech in the public interest and common good that uplift people at large.