133 Highways Of Terror: Survivors’ Heart-touching Tales

high way robber

One week after Sunday alldaygist published a story in which investigation revealed that no fewer than One 133 highways across Nigeria are under kidnappers and bandits siege, some victims, in this package, speak on their harrowing experiences on some of the roads.

Only last Wednesday, 28 travelers along one of the fingered roads, Ikere Ekiti – Akure road, were abducted by gunmen. This happened four days after the Nigerian Army claimed to have deployed drones in Ekiti and Ondo states to fish out kidnappers terrorizing the two states.

The survivors’ stories: Bandits on 133 highways Dr. Adole Omale, a senior lecturer at Baze University, Abuja, narrates his traumatic experience after he was captured by some gunmen on the highway around Ajaokuta while traveling from Abuja to his village in Benue State.

The former President of the Student Union Government at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria claims he spent four days in the kidnapper’s den before he was released after his family paid N2million ransom to the kidnappers. Tell us your experience in the hands of highway kidnappers. I was kidnapped in Ajaokuta, Kogi State while on my way to my village.

It was a Monday. Normally I travel through Makurdi to Ookpa in Ogbadibo local government area of Benue State. But the shortest route is Lokoja through Aloma junction to Otukpa. On this particular day, I was traveling with my niece, a painter and a tiler. I left Abuja at about 8 am and got to Lokoja at about 10 am. I did one or two things in Lokoja and continued on my journey.

After Ajaokuta Steel Complex, I noticed some men ahead of us dressed in military camouflage. I wondered what such a large number of military personnel were doing in the middle of nowhere. As I approached them, I discovered that one of the men in military uniform was hooded, so I slowed down. Immediately, I started hearing gunshots around me.

I looked at the rear viewing mirror and saw another group of about ten men in military uniform. I informed the people in the car that we had a bad company. I pulled to the side of the road and parked the car. The two groups in my front and the rear started to approach me. I handed over my car key to them when they got to where we were parked. They ransacked my car and took whatever they wanted. One of them tugged at my niece and said he had found a wife.

I intervened and pulled my niece away from them. Some of the men dealt several blows on me until their leader asked them to stop. The leader commanded my niece and the painter in my team to run away. When my niece and the painter had run away, I and the tiler were handed over to a group of ten and we were commanded to follow them into the bush. We trekked for more than two hours and anytime I enquired where we were going, they would hit me with the butt of their guns. We trekked until we got to a stream where we were asked to sit. It was at that stage that I was told that I had been kidnapped. After waiting for a while, we started moving again.

What I noticed was that they were very organized. Anytime we approached a major road, we would be asked to jump across. I guess they wanted to obliterate our footsteps so that whenever anybody wanted to trace them, he will be lost. We followed cow routes majorly. We trekked from the around 1 pm when we were kidnapped to about 8 pm when we got to a small rocky place. I told them I wanted to speak with my wife. After a while, they brought biscuits and water. Then we rested for a while and started trekking again until we got to our final destination.

I was told to call my people to arrange an N100million ransom. I explained to them that I was a lecturer and that there was no way I could mobilize that kind of money. I was subjected to serious beating for saying I did not have that kind of money. They asked me how much could I bring? I told them I could mobilize N1m. At the mention of N1m, they gave me more beating. They asked me to tell my wife to pick my car at the police station and sell it. They informed me that the police had come to pick my car and that at least the car was worth more than N2million.

What I found very curious was that though most of them appeared to be illiterates and spoke mostly Fulfulde, one of our abductors appeared well informed. He hacked into my phone which had a password and read my messages and Facebook posts. He asked me my views about religion and politics. I told them I believe there is only one God and everybody worships Him. We talked about politics and they lamented how their people were suffering because of government neglect. After much argument, they accepted that I should arrange N2million.

They told me that they were not looking for people of my type but big-time Igbo businessmen who don’t waste time in bringing the money once they are kidnapped. They said they would have released me but it was against their tradition because once you were in their custody, you must pay the ransom On the third day, my people had raised the N2million ransom money and set out from Abuja to Lokoja.

On getting to Lokoja, my brother who was bringing the money called the kidnappers but they told him that since it was already dark, he should sleep in Lokoja because they don’t operate in the dark. I was scared that another group of bad guys may steal the money from my brother but they assured me that they were in charge of that area. So I was breathing fast until the following daylight.






 Recover, N26.7trillion, $322m, N500b Missing under Buhari’s administration, PDP begs NASS Recover, N26.7trillion, $322m, N500b missing under Buhari’s administration, PDP begs NASS

Barely five hours a Federal High Court in Lagos ordered the final forfeiture of the sums of $8,435,788.84 (Eight Million Four Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Eight Dollars Eighty-Four Cents) and N9.

 Recover, N26.7trillion, $322m, N500b missing under Buhari’s administration, PDP begs NASS Recover, N26.7trillion, $322m, N500b missing under Buhari’s administration, PDP begs NASS

1billion (Nine Billion One Hundred and Eighty Five Million Three Hundred and Twenty Four Thousand Three Hundred and twenty Five Naira Fifty Three Kobo), traced to the wife of former President, Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has pleaded with the National Assembly to invoke its power under sections 88 and 89 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) to recover cumulatively the sums of N26.7trillion, $322m, and N500 billion allegedly missing under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch.

Buhari In a statement signed by kola ologbondiyan, the Party’s publicity secretary, obtained by Vanguard, PDP urged NASS to investigate the widespread insecurity, economic depression, treasury looting, abuse of office and violations that stamped the Buhari-led administration since May 2015.

The statement reads thus: “We urge the federal legislature to protect the interest of millions of suffering Nigerians by invoking its powers under sections 88 and 89 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) to recover the over N14 trillion stolen by government officials and leaders of the APC in the last four years.

Buhari’s London trip: APC, Presidency seeking to vacate the 1999 constitution.  The PDP holds that legislative action has become imperative, as the @MBuhari Presidency has failed to give a cogent explanation on the alleged looting of over N9 trillion through sleazy oil contracts as detailed in the leaked @NNPCgroup memo; a situation that directly points to officials culpability.

Nigerians also want the @nassnigeria to investigate the issues surrounding the reported stealing of N1.1 trillion worth of crude oil using 18 unregistered companies, as well as the alleged looting of over N2.6 trillion in the shady oil subsidy regime. The @OfficialPDPNig urges the @nassnigeria to also investigate the alleged siphoning of $322m repatriated funds as well as the trillions of naira stolen under shady projects such as the ‘tradermoni’ project, among others.

The party notes that only recently, the wife of Mr. President, @aishambuhari, raised the alarm that over N500 billion meant for poverty alleviation under the @OfficialAPCNg-led government did not get to the designated beneficiaries.

The @OfficialPDPNig holds that the humongous looting under the @MBuhari administration is directly responsible for the economic hardship Nigerians have been subjected to in the last four years. Our party, therefore, urges the @nassnigeria to save the nation by recovering and channeling the stolen funds towards the welfare of Nigerians, while the culprits face the law.”