Okorocha Left Bitter Legacies

The Imo state governor, Emeka Ihedioha, on Tuesday, said that he discovered his predecessor, Rochas Okorocha, has left bitter legacies, people of the state would not want to be associated with.

okorocha left bitter legacies

Ihedioha and Okorocha The governor’s Chief of Staff, Chris Okewulonu, through his Media Adviser, Kennedy Eweama, spoke in Owerri, while reacting to a claim by Okorocha, that the Ihedioha’s government has launched destruction of his (Okorocha) legacies.

Ihedioha insisted that he would follow due process in addressing what he said were the “problems” created by Okorocha as it regards any form of mismanagement of the state resources, adding that by Okorocha’s policies and programs the people of the state, were further impoverished in eight years. Nursing school students fault Okorocha’s aide on invasion, He said that his priority in the rebuild IMO project, included ending the eight years traumatic experience of IMO people in the hand of Okorocha, by reviving and making functional all sectors of the economy of the state, in order to boost the revenue generation of Imo state.

He started by saying “Okorocha’s statement is a calculated and cheap gimmick aimed at distracting the governor in order to cajole him into succumbing to the baseless accusations of a witch hunt by his predecessor so as to create a leeway for him to escape accounting for his eight years of horrific stewardship as governor of Imo State. “In this case, Okorocha only left sordid and bitter legacies IMO people do not wish to be associated with. Therefore, there is nothing that could be called Okorocha’s legacies worth destroying.

It is a well-known fact that Okorocha is being haunted by his inglorious activities as governor of Imo for eight wasted years.

Governor Ihedioha is very busy seeking for ways of addressing the multi-faceted socio-economic and political quagmire Okorocha’s glaring eight years of misrule has foisted on the state, such that he has no time to bother himself with Okorocha’s pettiness and empty lamentations.

He continued: “It is ludicrous that Okorocha has now begun to hallucinate and see the apparition of Governor Ihedioha even in his dreams when in actual fact, the governor has left him to the judgment of rule of law and Imo people.

It is axiomatic that only the guilty are afraid and that accounts for Okorocha’s panicky disposition and mental state at the moment. “As a Democrat, Governor Ihedioha would allow probity, accountability, due process and rule of law to prevail in addressing the multi-dimensional problems associated with Okorocha.

Okorocha never foresaw himself abdicating the seat of power in IMO. He was very boastful and believed Imo was a conquered territory by him. He embraced the leadership philosophy of discredited African despots and unleashed the same on Imo people.

It was his view that “The tide has divinely changed and he is now afraid that his past perfidious deeds are fast catching up with him, hence he sees Governor Ihedioha’s apparition everywhere he goes. “Instead of being sober and show remorse for the psychological and economic trauma he caused IMO people, Okorocha still wants them to continue clapping for him. That is unbridled arrogance.

Buhari,Recession And Change Begins With Me

Buhari ,recession and change begins with me

A call on Nigerians to repent, plan well to abolish corruption.

Buhari ,recession and change begins with me

According to Philip Emeagwali, the Onitsha born computer wizard, and founder of internet service who based in America. The problem of Africa is consuming what they cannot produce, and producing what they cannot produce.in other words, Africans have a conspicuous problem of lack of proper planning on how to live well.

It is a popular saying that lack “if you fail to plan, you have to plan to fail ” since the exit of the colonial masters, African leaders fall short of good plans towards liberating the continent from the shackles of poverty, hunger, disease, and suffering. Nigerian even as the giant of the continent is a typical example of African failure.

As noted, the failure Nigerian is not unconnected with a lack of proper planning. since nigerian’s independence 1960, the leaders of the giant of Africa had consistently failed to look ahead, see ahead and plan ahead with a view to dodge devil’s lies and put the country in a strong and stronger position to face the challenges of a developing nation.

Since the decade of the 1970s Nigerians never surmounted any challenge disturbing the country. Take the following examples: first is education. As the population of children increases, the need to provide quality education overwhelming the country completely. Today Nigerian has the highest number of out of school children in sub-Saharan Africa.

On the other hand, some Nigerian parents prefer to export their children to foreign countries where they could access quality education.

Secondly is human health. From the decades of 1970 health challenges overwhelmed Nigerian completely following the outbreak of diseases like malaria ,sexually transmitted diseases,diabetes,hypertension,cancer ,stroke and many others in epidemic proportions .today there is no hope in sight for quality health care delivery in Nigeria in the next fifty years except a drastic action is taken as a matter  of urgency. Thirdly is the bad road encircled the nation. From the decade of the 1990s, the volume vehicular movement increased and thus, the road was overstretched into dilapidation and total collapse. Roads built in the 1980s are no longer memorable because there was no plan for maintenance. Nigerian is struggling with terribly bad roads at this age when road transport is no longer a popular means of transportation fourth is electrical. As the volume of electricity consumption increased, Nigeria was again overwhelmed because there were no plans for sustainable improvement of the existing facilities and development of new source.fifth is the economy because the oil which is the country’s main source revenue is surplus in the market, the country’s economy doomed into recession. these woes bedeviling the country subsequent upon corruption and lack of proper planning. The question now is what is the way forward the answer is for people to repent, dig deep in thinking and plan well in acting.we have to think and look beyond the box normal people should cease be docile and stereotype.

The truth at the moment is that the normal things we do day by day, our normal lifestyle and dealing have failed to take us where we belong. The box which includes the institution we confine ourselves and various levels of leadership that drives us has failed to take us where we belong. The box and normal have failed to galvanize us into a  cohesive force for national development and nation building.

Signs of our failure are as clear as crystal, and the world is watching with keen interest to see how far we can go in devising means to make things better for the nation and the people in it. We are the ones to do it. We should not expect the savior from the moon. Addressing the African Union(AU) in Ethiopia, Obama told us that Africans should end corruption, poverty, and suffering in Africa. because we are the champion of our own cause.


How Tontoo Dike Made A Long Details About Her Life Experiences And Biography

tontoo dike

Anambra State Is The Safest Place—Onitsha Area Command

Anambra is the safest state—onitsha area commander

Governor,  Willie obiano of Anambra state avowed commitment to provide sustained security in the state and logistics support to the security agencies as well as a continuous review of strategy by the state commissioner of police Samuel okuala, have ensured total security of the state. the new Onitsha area commander, Abubakar Yahaya, told newsmen in Onitsha during the weekend that they have been able to achieve this degree of security in the state Onitsha it’s environed due to the logistic and moral support of governor willie obiano to the security outfits in the state particularly, the police. Yahaya who is an assistant commissioner of police (ACP) said the support of the commissioner of police who has consistently reviewed strategy put in place to meet security challenges and make necessary adjustments have equally helped in ensuring that criminals are kept in check.

He said given the unique and strategic position of upper iweka, they have put in more policemen especially undercover agents to secure the area and ensure that travelers are not molested by hoodlums.

The area commander noted the modest achievements they have recorded including the renovation of his office within so short period, was by sheer hard work and God’s grace, saying that he puts his boys on toes to ensure that no nook and crannies in the area command were left unguarded.

He also lauded the partnership with the people of Onitsha and its environs, saying in this ember month, the Anambra state command has set up operation keep moving for all vehicles in all the roads in the state not only to congest the roads but also to discourage criminals from taking undue advantage of congestion on the roads to strike.

This operational order for ember months has continuously been hammered that all sons and daughters of Anambra state are free to come home for their Christmas and new year.

He, however, said that they are not static but proactive measures to surprise the criminals, by engaging in a materialized parade, stop and search, through which they detect and arrest offenders.

The cp has continuously hammered it. All sons and daughters of Anambra state are free to come home for their chrismas and new year.in this area command, it is comprehensive policing he said.

He warned the members of neighborhood watch in the state who go out of their mandate to bear arms, that they have no right to bear such arms as well as arrest, detain, torture and dabble into civil matters, stressing that they have hammered on that in their interface with them.

He said although there have been positive changes, there have been cases of neighborhood watch operative abusing their mandate, resulting in murder cases, in which arrests have been made items recovered and the state criminal investigation department is handling the cases.

He, however, denied any knowledge of the torture intimidation and indiscriminate arrests by his men, stating that there has been no official report to his office of such case so far,I have no official report of what you are alleging,the victim should report to me or to the divisional police officers(DPO)and equally prove their cases beyond every doubt.


anambra state's new political agenda

since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, zoning political offices to a particular place by political parties have been fully part of democracy in 1999, two leading political parties, the people’s democratic party PDP and the all people’s party APP zoned the office of the presidency to the southwest.at that point ,PDP and APP considered moving the presidency to the southwest to  appease the Yoruba region following the death of MKO Abiola who died while on struggle to president the following June 12 1993 president election which Abiola claimed that he won but victory was denied by annulment election by General Ibrahim Babangida, the military head of state then.

anambra state's new political agenda

like the abiola factor, there are other factors that naturally propel political parties to practice zoning notably among the factors is marginalization. zoning is tacitly accepted to checkmate marginalization and ensure fairness and equity in the system.at the presidency should be allowed to move across the six geopolitical zones as the office is not the birthright of any zone, at the state levels,some states embraced zoning allowing the office of the governor to rotate across the three senatorial zones of the state; Enugu, for instance, is a leading light in this direction.

the PDP as the ruling party in the coal city-state allowed zoning to prevail giving room for all the senatorial zones of the state to take a shot at the lion building.

the all progressive congress APC also zoned the governorship election seat to nsukka senatorial zone in 2015 by nominating okay ezea from igboeze south local government area as its standard bearer. ezea eventually lost to Ifeanyi ugwuanyi the candidate of PDP from udenu local government area.

However, unlike Enugu, some states are seriously contending with the issue of zoning and rotation of power one of the states is Anambra state. Although the light of the nation, the state is on the part of zoning at the moment the issue is on the card ahead of the 2017 governorship election in the state.

It is not clear whether zoning will stand the test time and fully take its cause considering the interest of political gladiator gunning for the governorship seat from various parts of the state.

In 2013 former governor Peter Obi pulled the trigger to move the seat to the north using his incumbent powers and might ,Obi put it to the leadership of all progressive party grand alliance  APGA, that it should be fair enough to zone the office of governor to the north being the only senatorial zone that yet to taste the government house in awka.

According to the former governor, it is fair to have somebody from central succeed him after his eight-year reign and considering the fact that two former governors namely chukwuemeka EZEIFE and clement chinwoke mbadinuju were from south ,it is fair for the people from north to produce the governor in 2013,That was how Willie obiano emerged the candidate for APGA and subsequently became the Anambra governor.

The PDP, either by omission or commission also went to Anambra north to raise its candidate for the 2013 contest.

The party brought out former state chairman of the party who was also a former president of national association Nigerian students NANS comrade tony nwoye to face to face abiano and others at the 2013 governorship poll.

The defunct Action Congress of Nigeria ACN which joined other parties that eventually metamorphosed the APC settled the central zone by nominating senator Chris ngige for the 2013 battle.

Ahead of the 2013 contest the issue  of zoning and rotation of power appear to be at stake more than ever,While the ruling party APGA has stuck its neck on north and thus rooting for governor obianor’s second term in office ,nobody knows where the pendulums of the other notable parties the PDP and APC would swing.

With the names of senator andy uba and Walter ubaka Okeke from south, former road safety chief and one time aviation, minister osita chidoka from central and others being linked to the 2017 race under the platform Alex obi ogbolu an outstanding governorship aspirant from Onitsha  under the PDP with in-depth knowledge of Anambra challenges and solutions will have senator uba Okeke chidoke and others to contend with for the PDP ticket. Dr ogbolu, a product of UNILAG, who is on his third missionary journey in the race having run for it in 2010 and 2019 respectively is banking on zoning to clinch the PDP ticket.

On the part of APC, there are names such as senator Uche ekwunife from central with George muoghalu and barth nwibe from south.with these names and possibly others on the card for the APC ticket, the issue of zoning and rotation of power would be a daunting task in APC. two politicians Dr. Chike Chike obidigbo  an industrialist who was a functional candidate of APGA in 2013 governorship race and tony nwoye are said to be eyeing the APC  ticket for the governorship race from the north. Either of this two could coast hoDr obidigbo,who is equally the proprietor of osisioma foundation  and a champion of zoning who recently  dumped APGA for APC with some members of his foundation has severally said that it is unfair for ndi Anambra to allow central zone to take a total of eleven years, allow the south to take seven years and not allow the north to take its full share on the seat.

AMATAS voice gathered that obidigbo’s defection to APC may not be unconnected with his desire of a sound candidate for the party from the north for the 2013 race. Followers of the umunya born industrialist is rooting for his candidacy in APC as such would guarantee the issue of zoning and rotation of power in the party.

Another factor that cannot be overemphasized on the issue is the interest of former governor of the central bank of Nigeria CBN chief is not linked yet with any party for 2017 race, he remains a bride and one may not be surprised if one the notable parties goes for his hands in marriage race.

A competent source confides to the AMATAS voice that APGA stakeholders from old aguata which included aguata orumba north and south local government area may approach soludo to plead with him me with the APC ticket if the party decides to go north on the principle of zoning and rotation of power.

community in old aguata union at large vowed obiano re-election COMMUNITY IN OLD AGUATA UNION AT LARGE VOWED OBIANO RE-ELECTION

community in old aguata union at large vowed obiano re-election

His excellence governor obiano announced huge project after rain halts

community in old aguata union at large vowed obiano re-election

as the 2017 governorship election season in Anambra state approaches, the re-election hopes governor willie obiano at the weekend received a major boost with an endorsement by all the communities in the old aguata region. the endorsement handed down to him at a grand reception organized in his honor by these communities at ekwulobia town stadium, aguata council area saw the communities that were drawn from aguata, orumba north,orumba south ,part of aniocha  and Nnewi south council at state, and control more than 40 percent of the total population of the entire state speak in governor willie obiano favor in unison.

the governor was also conferred with the chieftaincy, by the traditional ruler in the region at the occasion .it was well attended by all the big wigs in the region including  the formal Nigerian vice-president of the nation Alex ekwueme,former governor ,doctor chukwuemeka ezeife  amongst others

it was also used to honor  eminent dons and daughters of the region who distinguished themselves in various sphere of human endeavor.

the visibly elated governor thanked the people immensely for the honor and their support towards his administration .he restated his commitment towards fulfilling his social contract with ndi Anambra state.

governor obiano declared that the state government will commence aggressive and nefarious construction of roads in the roads in the rain recedes.

the former governor, doctor ezeife, in his remark commended the governor for his impressive security initiative which has made the state the safest in the country.

he also praised his coordinated approach toward development and stressed the need for people of the region in particular and the general to be united so as to remain a formidable force to reckon with in the political arena.

the chairman of the reception organizing committee, chief Titus anigbogu said the ever marks a milestone in the quest for political equity in the state, adding that the governor has justified the mandate given him by ndi Anambra despite prevailing harsh economic times and as such deserves a second term in office.

a member of the state assembly representing aguata one constituency, Dr ikechukwu the provost, nwafor orizu college of education,nsugbe, Dr ego Eugenie and a community leader from achina, chiefdom Eze in their comments observed that such events which organized and rewards excellence and service to humanity. will guarantee that the reign continues to produce persons of integrity in the future.


IPAC Election Stalemated Again, Plans Political Summit

Overbearing state govt interest blamed suspended indefinitely

IPAC Election Stalemated Again, Plans Political Summit

For the second time in five days, the effort by members of the inter-party advisory council (IPAC) comprising of the Anambra state chapter chairman of the various registered political parties to elect a new executive to oversee its affair in Anambra state was bitterly stalemated.

The council which hitherto had two parallel factional executives when the executive at the national level broke into two irreconcilable factions shortly after the 2015 general elections, had attempted last Friday, Sept 23, 2016, to bury the hatchet without success.

The move, according to the spokesman and chairman of the people’s democratic party PDP, prince ken emeakayi was because of the national executive structure.

But at the follow-up meeting held at best western hotels awka sept 27,2016, to mend fences and patch things up, the party chiefs differences appeared unresolved, hence settling for 7-man interim executive while the election was postponed indefinitely.

An unconfirmed source alleged that the all progressive grand alliance (APGA)led state government’s moves to muscle the council into acting its script was the reason for stalemate.

Though the state chairman of the APGA, chief Norbert obi at the meeting, he remained taciturn about the deliberations. He was however nominated to head the interim executive alongside six others including chairman of the hope democratic party, chief Sam oraegbunam, and a Nollywood star who is the chairman of the advance Congress for Democrats (ACD), Obiageri Kate Okafor. The source noted that the posture has shown that both officers would not be running for the next IPAC chairman, especially chief obi, who political watcher noted have not been taken into confidence in the scheme of things by the gov willie obiano administration. He was described as a mere paper chairman who was dumped the way the former state chairman of all progressive Congress (APC) Chief Amaechi obidike who resigned his position to help build the obiano leadership .but had been ignominiously relegated to near oblivion.

In a resolution readout to journalist shortly after the meeting, the PDP chairman, the prince ken emeakayi revealed plans by the council to organize political summit the state soon.

He stated that the meeting resolved also to postpone their election indefinitely to enable members to do deeper and wider consultations with their individual parties structures and followers.

He said that the unification of the two former factions had been achieved,  but that there was still need for all go back for wider consultation before the election holds.

The members of the interim management team included Norbert obi, Kate Okafor, Akudo chinwendu, Peter okala, Bartho igwedibia, Chief Sam oraegbunam, and Nelson ihenatuorah. Those appointed into the committee for the proposed political summit include emekayi, Barr Emeka ibe of APC, luke ezeanokwasi of the Labour party, omeife omaife,ikechukwu nwekwe, Dr. Sylvester igwilo, and Mr onuka. Describing the day’s deliberation as peaceful fruitful and interactive,emeakayi  denied the allegation that there were moves imposed anyone on them, and there was no issue of misappropriation of any money, claiming he was hearing it for the first time



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